fun time in pw pt 6900

this week in project wonder.

This week in project wonder I learnd about someone teaching us a russian math tactics that u would half and double. I am finishing my Quizlet for my NFL unit and the slideshow.   I also moved seats And I now sit with 2 people from my table and 1 other. I also did a writing prompt today and we had to write about nonsense words. next week I hope to be fully done and start working on the course catolouge units 

fun time in project wonder

This week in project wonder. We did more brain breaks than we usually do. We did logic brain breaks. They helped me a little because they got me away from my work. Then we did a story that we can pick but we had to only use pictures to retell the story we thought of. We had people present 1 project where they did snakes and they talked about what types there are, what they eat and where they live. I started a new project with Aidan. We are doing the players now and back then for the San Francisco 49ers. Next time I hope to get into My new unit that’s in the course catalogue. 

this week in pw pt 12

This week in project wonder we did. We voted for salisbury on the to get our school votes.we also did a lot of writing prompts of what the learning coaches wanted us to write about. I started a new project I am working on the history of the national football leuage and the old and new players who was on the 49ers.We also did a school schedule of what we want our day to look like but we have to keep core classes but we planned how the day was gonna be. Next week I hope to get more work done and Get my Project done. 

My Week In Project Wonder

all I did this week in Project wonder was projects. We all conferenced with Mr Beyer and he gave us all of our grades for the semester. We all got different grades depending on what we did, what work we have finished, and what we suggested in on the paper we filled out. We also did a design challenge for what we would change about the school or what the perfect school is to us. The Project that I’m working on for project wonder is the history of baseball and I’m trying to find information about it and seeing the cool stuff that was in the Majors in the 80s and 90s because it’s changed a lot.  

week review

This week is project wonder. The stuff we did was we worked on a portfolio for all of our work that we did and we have to make sure that all the work is done and when the work is done and one of the learning coaches checked it they will say to you to change the lighting bolt from red to green and then they will know that your work is done. The things u have to do is the units that they told us to work on like dispositions and effective speaking. My independent work that i did was working on my own project and I am doing The History Of Baseball and Im trying to learn about different things in the major League like what changed and what other countries play baseball.

this week in pw

i self asses myself we watched a ted talk about 20 min and it was about paper clips Ayden and Ryland made up these sweatshirts about project wonder and people could buy them for $35 Dollars we also did a paper tower that we only had to use tape scissors and 20 pieces of paper thats what we did this week in project wonder

this week in pw

This week in project wonder we did sharing and people shared there projects or there status for the launch cycle and we finished our maps making them into a modern civilization we added farms, canals, dams, airports, we made our science boat and mine failed at only holding 31 marbals we also did a survey on what we might do when we are older and thats what we did this week in project wonder

this week in project wonder


This week we shared our work and people did presentations  and projects. We did our utopia project and we fixed our map to make it a normal civilization and we made it into  a new map adding dams, farmland, canals, airport. For my project my progress is good i am on the 4th stage for the launch cycle. The failures our class had was people dint get there project ready yet on the tv and people got nervous