fun time in project wonder

This week in project wonder. We did more brain breaks than we usually do. We did logic brain breaks. They helped me a little because they got me away from my work. Then we did a story that we can pick but we had to only use pictures to retell the story we thought of. We had people present 1 project where they did snakes and they talked about what types there are, what they eat and where they live. I started a new project with Aidan. We are doing the players now and back then for the San Francisco 49ers. Next time I hope to get into My new unit that’s in the course catalogue. 

this week in pw pt 12

This week in project wonder we did. We voted for salisbury on the to get our school votes.we also did a lot of writing prompts of what the learning coaches wanted us to write about. I started a new project I am working on the history of the national football leuage and the old and new players who was on the 49ers.We also did a school schedule of what we want our day to look like but we have to keep core classes but we planned how the day was gonna be. Next week I hope to get more work done and Get my Project done.